Legend Hunters: Brother’s Keeper

Some ancient evil has returned to the Rockies – a beast with a hunger for human flesh.  While the authorities search for a serial killer, four others embark on a journey to discover the truth: a hunter, a reporter, a park warden and the Nakoda guide she once loved.  They’re tracking Seskwac, a Nakoda legend come to life.  But something lurks in the forest, watching them, waiting; and the line between predator and prey blurs.  As the group forges further into the wilds and closer to the being they seek, tensions mount and one by one the party turns on each other.  One of the four is intent on killing the thing.  One covets its power.  One doesn’t believe in its existence.  And one will protect it at all cost.  While two rekindle a romance thought lost forever, no one will emerge unscathed.

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